Order of Assassins is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a clan that specializes in stealth and guerilla tactics.We have 4 ranks you can achieve Footpad,Warrior,Veteran, and Assassin. We train our members, we hunt and collect bounties, we occasionally have clan wars with rival clans, and of course we asassinate.

Joining the posse

1. Kill 5 enemies with out dying 2. Fist fight and knockout 2 out of 3 assassins. 3. Kill 3 bears alone W/Throwing knife or Reg.knife 4. Get initiated

How to rank up

FootPads: achieve this rank when you join.

Warriors: Get an 8 kill streak.

Veterans: 1. Get 3 headshots in a row(W/sniper). 2.Kill a cougar with a throwing knife or Regular knife.

Assassins: 1. Get a 10 kill streak. 2. Get 3 kills in a row W/Tomahawk or throwing knife. 3. Get 1 kill with a Regular knife.

Master Assassins

  • TheLoneWolfBAM

members of the order

  • Tickle Me Tod
  • enjoyshooting76

External links

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