Blackwater's Most Wanted

Outlaws to the End is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the Blackwater Outlaws, Red Dead Redemption's most wanted. We do not succumb to the law and will fight back by any means necessary. We are the deadliest gang in West Elizabeth, all keen hunters and criminals. We see each other as family and treat all with respect. Our favourite pastimes are hunting all kinds of animals, searching around Nekoti Rock/Cochinay, getting high Bounties, using the cannons at a Mexican fortress and obtaining Trophies.

Joining the posse


  • To be skilled with a rifle
  • To be obedient
  • To be able to complete gang hideouts easily
  • To be respectful to the leader and vice-leader
  • To be able to survive Tanner's Reach with fairly weak weapons
  • To be able to get a bounty of 2000 or higher
  • To be able to get a kill streak of at least 10
  • To own a headset or microphone
  • To have completed the campaign
  • To have completed Master Hunter II

Since we are a PS3 gang only, you obviously have to have a PSN. If you wish to join us, please send me, EB-INGE_67, or my vice-leader, DrxyrdKxryrd, a message titled "Joining Posse" and we will add you and test you. Also, please add your name under the Members list. The initiation test is to be sent to Tanner's Reach and to kill every single cougar with only a Repeater Carbine. You will not be allowed to camp in the hut or stand on any rocks.



  • Leader - EB-INGE_67
  • Vice-leader - DrxyrdKrxyrd

Other members

  • Member 1 Gguido_99
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.

The Brotherhood Of The Assassin's

I ProFeSSoR_SMirF, Grandmaster of the assassin's order have allied with the like of the respective leader of the outlaws to the end posse. we are a large group and all well trained assassins and welcome all newcomers and will give extreme change to your gameplay. or if you would like to be just a friend of us to your own choice than that is fine we are on the brink of war and we need men to fight so join the brotherhood and OTTE and we can win this war like it was meant to happen

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