Over Loaded is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

OL(Over Loaded) is a new Posse found by Sgt.Duffy in an I.C.T lesson because he was veeeeeeeeeeery bored and wanted to make a new posse with his friends =D. Soon we will find a place which will be our Posse Hideout. We will start recruiting soon once my friends get the game. So contact me if you want to join right now, but make sure i'm online =D. We are also an xbox live clan, so if you have a ps3, you can go burn and screw a fence. Good day.

Sgt.Duffy :)

Joining the posse

You will need to contact Sgt.Duffy for an invite, there's no test or anything like that, so either contact me or the second leader, Must be Active!!!! Have a headset. =D



  • Main Leader 1 Sgt.Duffy
  • Second Leader 2 KLuTcH Twiist

Other members

  • zzzMooMooCowTJx
  • zzzMooSnipzzTHx
  • Fergus Power

External links

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