Peacekeepers is a Playstation3 Red Dead Redemption posse. A righteous posse that will smite those in the way of fairness and justice! This posse is Recruiting.

About the peace

We are a group that has a strong moral compass. We protect people from killers, bandits, or any other threat that kills for no reason. People who play the game like its Call of Duty, these people need to go down, and fast. We need people who will risk their lives for the sake of others.

Joining the Cause

To join the posse, you need only to follow these steps:

  1. Message any of the leaders with 'I want to have FUN' as a subject.
  2. Play a few sessions with one or more of us.
  3. Overall just help/have fun with us in the game.
  4. We'll then proceed on judging if we should add you.


  • Don't shoot until shot, unless target is confirmed hostile.
  • It is optional to have a microphone.
  • Protect players from hostiles.
    • Make the game fair, seriously, getting 2v1'd isnt funny.
    • Help those who are trying to get away from hostiles.
  • Have fun playing the game.
  • If people killed you, and then tried to join your posse, dont let them join. They will kill you.
  • Play naked
  • Kill Pinja's horse when you have the chance.
  • Learn to take a joke (Pinja...)


  • Rancid_Taco
  • Pinja_27

Other members

  • Recruiting :D

Former Members

  • ThaDARK_Kn1ght (founder but has left. Status: Still friends with the posse)
  • DonGordo99 (Status: Still friends with the posse)


  • OuttLaws
  • Mexican LOKOS
  • T_H_M

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