Periculum is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This is a Posse comprising of HC-LCFC, Crazykenny, Navman74, Danwiggy, Reynolds94 & BhalsodLE3. They are a group of friends who roam the lands together causing destruction and chaos everywhere they go. it contains a balanced team of speacilists in different weapons who will kick your ass if you ever bump into them. If you want to join prepare for an initiation

Joining the posse

Add HC-LCFC on PSN with a message explaining who you are and where you're from and come and kick some ass. You'll have to complete the game though first so get cracking!


HC-LCFC, Crazykenny, Navman74, Danwiggy, Reynolds94 & BhalsodLE3.


  • Navman74

Other members

  • CrazyKenny
  • DanWiggy
  • The other two are gun bait!

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