Powder Keg Boys is a character in Red Dead Redemption.


Filled with some of the most ruthless lowlifes, degenerates, and criminals. The "Powder Keg Boys" began as a group of local toughs from thieves landing who began a violent countryside bloodbath stretching from all over the frontier, adopting murderers and criminals along the way from all walks of life. With all members being of equal standing over time the "Powder Keg Boys" became the largest most notoriously short-fused band of anarchists the west has had the displeasure of meeting to date.


Powder Keg Boys are prone to acts of violence and mayhem. extreme discretion is advised when approaching them. Always seeking more members to cover the countryside in blood "Powder Keg Boys" single out and recruit only the most destructive personalities. Explosive Josiv currently being the only one known to recruit, to the authorities at this time.



"Light the fuse, watch it burn."

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