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Prospector Posse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We're the Rootinest, Tootinest Posse in all the land! And ya' know why sonny! 'Cause we want GOOOLD!!! All the Gold in the WHOOOLE WEEERLD!!!

What We Do!

Mostly we kill people tryin' to steal our gold, steal other peoples gold, shoot birds and find GOOOLD! This is what we call Prospectin' in the West!

Joining the posse

Ya' just gotta be a Prospector and in the same game as us naw ya' hurr!


We just gots me; Toothless Joe and my Good Pal, Gold-Gatherin' Gilly and we're the leaders o'this there Posse


Theres a snake in my boot. Oh wait thats just my Member, cause I'm fuckin' EPIC

Toothless Joe

A rather interesting fellow, Toothless Joe is the oldest of the two. Prospecting has been his life, he loves the mines and he loves his GOOOLD! He has rather interesting beliefs about how all birds have gold inside of them. If you ever see birds falling from the sky in a quick fashion you know that Toothless Joe is about!

Gold-Gatherin' Gilly

The youngest of the duo, Gilly was born and raised in the west. His father was one of the first North American Prospectors. His Pop never returned from the mines and that what drove Gilly to madness. Ya' See Gold-Gatherin' Gilly sees gold everywhere! in the Trees, Rocks, Animals and even the dirt under his feet! He thinks that maybe one day he'll find his father in one of the mines he prospects(However unlikely that may be).


Other members

At the moment we ain't got no more member's and we especially don't like people like M1A4xBE4ST or whaterver that dirtbag's name was!

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