Texas Rangers

The Ranger's emblem. Dont Me With Us

R.R. Road Rangers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Road Rangers Is an elitle roleplaying posse that is open for all. We are all Republican and From the U.S. of A. Canada and Mexico are also alowed into the posse. We treat everyone with extreme respect and we are some of the best RDR players out there. We dont like Democrats in the posse because the founders are Republican and that would make us a politally mixed clan, which we dont want.

Joining the posse

1. Must be Republican

2. Must challenge one of our leaders to a duel

3. Must be from North America

4. Must be loyal to the founders

5. Must be mature

6. Must be willing to help



  • Duane965
  • JoshuaGudish1000
  • Leader43
  • C5MG (Travis)

Elite Troops

  • that-tyler-guy
  • finderskeepers
  • natividad5
  • CraziiEric

Standard Troops

  • Adiogoman
  • DawnWolf2000
  • Rebekka99
  • ZRO_2_Crooked
  • Rangervaughn

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