R3VOLUTION is a Red Dead Redemption posse. XBOX 360 ONLY

About the posse

This posse is for XBOX 360 players only and what we do in R3VOLUTION is run around the map, causing mayhem by becoming Public Enemy. We also frequently start gang wars with other posses. We like to pick on players that are not part of a posse too.


If you cant beat them you are not hitting hard enough

Joining the posse

If you want in just send a message to either THE F4K3 NINJA or xR3TARDNATIONx (XBOX 360).you have to have a mic to be accepted and you have to pass the tryouts



  • Leader 1 THE F4K3 NINJA
  • Leader 2 xR3TARDNATIONx

Other Members

  • swipernoswipey

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