RDRC is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Clan

The RDRC is a free clan, and you must listen to your supierior. If the leader does not take kindly of your inability to listen to your supieriors you will have to have a talk with Bandit or risk being kicked from the clan. ( ALL TRADERS WILL BE HUNTED DOWN )

Joining the Clan

RDRC (Red Dead Ranger Clan)

If the player happens to run into the a session with the Rangers do not be afraid, because we do not shoot people for no reason unless they shoot at us first.

If you are interested in joining the clan please message Ranger_Dollar. Once you have been accepted into the RDRC. It is required that the player creates a new account for the Rangers EX:( Ranger_Leadhead ). once the player has done so they must choose a character in the outfitter and apply U.S. ARMY. The player is not allowed to choose any of the last two U.S. ARMY characters, unless the player is a clan officer.


  • The_Zombies


  • Ranger_Dollar (President)
  • Ranger_Hauk (2nd in Command)
  • Ranger_Venom (3rd in Command)
  • Ranger_man69 (4th in Command)

Members and their ranks

  • Ranger_Bandit
  • Ranger_Scorpin
  • Ranger_Siren
  • Ranger_Batman95
  • Ranger_Turtle
  • Ranger_Smiles
  • Ranger_Wolverine
  • Ranger_Flash
  • Ranger-buddmason
  • Ranger_Beach
  • Ranger_Champion
  • Ranger_Epics
  • Ranger_Yanks
  • Ranger_IrishJ
  • Ranger_IrishM
  • Ranger__Romeo
  • Ranger_wolf
  • Ranger_Skills
  • Ranger_Smoke187
  • Ranger_Icis
  • Ranger_Cael
  • Ranger_SnoopDawg
  • Ranger_curse
  • Ranger_Fearless
  • Ranger_Redd35
  • Ranger_57Chevy
  • Ranger_Cold
  • Ranger_Jokerr
  • Ranger_Cash
  • Ranger_johnny5
  • Ranger_Phoenix
  • Ranger_SWCC
  • Ranger_Poison
  • Ranger_Eight
  • Ranger_USSRDeath
  • Ranger_Cloud
  • Ranger_Blizzard
  • Ranger_WestWood
  • Ranger_NiceShot
  • Ranger_RizzRazz
  • Ranger_Raptor
  • Ranger_Callahan
  • Ranger_2Guns
  • Ranger_Demonzz
  • Ranger_Dray
  • Ranger_Platinum1
  • Ranger_R3aP
  • Ranger_Scouts
  • Ranger_showtime_
  • Ranger_McCoy
  • Ranger_Justice

Ranks to be added sometime later in the future.

External links

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