Leader - xRDAxRaPiiDzz

Co Leader - xRDAxScArEcRoW

2nd Co Leader - iTzZ CaLLuM D x


  • Must be level 40 or higher
  • No using High Power Pistol, dead eye, Casual aim or Glitches
  • Character - you have to be cattle rustlers or misc criminals or anyone with a red ribbon or bandana around there neck apart from main characters from the story like damnation,redemption or red dead revolver and no mexican characters
  • Weapon - Bolt Action Rifle


Our clan name is the Red Dead Assassins aka RDA we go around killing other clans and posses and having wars. Our base is Rathskeller Fork but we own the whole of Gaptooth Ridge, we have a few Allies and enemies we also all mostly use the bolt action rifle and aim for the head and get headshots. Most importantly the clan is only for xbox live.

If you want to join just send a msg to xRDAxRaPiiDzz, xRDAxScArEcRoW or iTzZ CaLLuM D x

You dont have to change your name if you dont want to but we would prefere if you did if so change it to xRDAx what ever you like but no spaces thats all

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