This Clan is on the PS3. We go where ever we want we and kill anyone we want why because we feel like it. Our Base is where ever we choose to make it, but I have the final say so. If one of us keeps getting killed by someone then we will make them suffer and make them leave the free rome sesson. We don't take kindly to other posse members being larger than ours so we will take them out why, because we want to prove are the most ruthless clan around. We take care of our own, and if you are trying to level up and we see other people trying to get points then we will force them to leave the free rome sesson. If you are trying to do a challenge then we as a posse (doesn't mean we all have to go) will make sure you get it done with out any problems. Now if you just want to shoot one of us in the posse then dont do it mess around with me the Leader.YOU WILL DIE unless i say we are fucking around you dont need to be a certain age since you cant get reported on psn unless u send a message but i want mostly 13 and up now im a south park fan im 16 and i am olny mature when we are doing important or big clan events i am a crazy dumb ass that loves jokes and anything stupid unless i say be serious. (I cant fit all i wanted to say in this but other info you want send me a message on psn or friend me IM (darkredsorrow)

Now there is one thing you must remember-We Ride Together,We Die Together,Brothers 4 life.

Requirements- 1.Must Be Skilled With A Weapon 2.Must listen when i say im over ruling 3.!DO NOT BETRAY UNLESS I SAY WE CAN!

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