We are the Radical Revolvers. We shoot.You Die...

Joining the Posse

Radical Revolvers recruits members with an accurate and deadly trigger finger: men that aren't afraid to die, and folk that can prove an impressive kill/death ratio.

Notes crucial for joining

  • RR is a PSN exclusive clan.
  • Headsets/Microphones are a MUST.
  • Level 15+
  • Killing Clan Members Repeatedly will Result in a Ban.

Ranking In The Posse

There are multiple ranks in the posse,determend by your in-game level,your Head-Hunting Ability and Your Licence to Kill

Here is a list of the Ranks

  • 15-20 Trigger Itch
  • 20-30 Razing Rookie
  • 30-40 Head Hunter
  • 40-50 Flamente Dialbo(Blazing Devil)


The Current Radical Revolvers

Leaders and Radicals

  • Gang Leader= Frazz11
  • Second In Command=Coolman55581
  • Radical Right-Hand Man=JakeyRRobby


  • LazyCameron
  • BIGGA20001
  • Shawn-Storm
  • adam_ere_cool
  • t_kaay
  • PAO97

Why Join?

If you Join RR there a many Pros .Firstly, you will have access to our special method of gaining XP and golden guns(classified).We hope to bring people together as one and wreak havoc to other gangs.We also have Gang wars with other posses plus we have our own hideout which you can choose a room at(room numbers permitting).If you are interested in joining,message one of the leaders.So as we say...

Happy Head Hunting!

From the Radical Revolvers!

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