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Raiders At Dawn is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A posse of school mates who loathe campers that like to sit and sponge bullets, especially noobtubes and high calibre rounds to the extent that they should no longer have any resemblance to that of a human, yet they continue to live. We, minus Kyle, formerly known on PSN as Xx-reaper, like to generally work as a team and obliterate anybody that tries to cross our path.

Oh, and if we're using shotguns, YOU BLOODY DIE, not sponge like the noobs on COD MW2.

We are on a never ending quest to force hell upon those who camp or sponge and we are welcome to those who share the same views as us about such atrocities in the gaming world.

Chances are we are roaming the Wild West together, if u decide to hunt for us, we will find you first and if you decide to tempt fate for whatever reason, you will soon wish that you had more time to hone your camping skills. Surrender maybe accepted......maybe.... but you will probably be dead by the time you even decide to consider surrender.

Joining the posse

Well..... we aren't accepting any public applications because we are keeping this private amongst our group of friends, but we may later decide to allow other dedicated players to join as long as they share the same ideas as us and they can be immature to a certain extent (teabagging rivals is accepted).

And even if we do decide to accept other members, it would be conditional.

1) they cannot indulge on camping activites, such as......camping.....funnily enough

2) they have to scorn upon the details as told above.

3) if they are repeatedly killed by campers, the campers have to be designated as targets so that they can be raped by other members of the posse.

Raging at campers is allowed. For best results, ask for advice from Xx-reaper.



  • Leader 1 = Ollza
  • Leader 2 = maxthebest99

Other members

  • Member 1 = Xx-reaper
  • Member 2 = TomTony
  • Member 3 = Reddo123

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