About the Ranchers Life

We are the Ranchers Life we are a ranching group on all of the free roams that farms for a living we will be getting horses and livestock and we will sell them in stores we work in farms and ranches we have three main places Beachers Hope and Ridgewood Farm and Mcfranlane's ranch you need to have a character that looks like a rancher I am John Marston for
John marston gallery47
my charcter no one is allowed to be him. add thenate1200 on the ps3. One important thing is that we can not be fighting with each other because people wont come back to order from us again. We our protected by Ranch defenders i have recently moved to xbox360 i have red dead redemption on it aswell. Our allies are: Tokala Warriors


Leader: Thenate1200

2nd in command:

3rd in command:

4th in command:

5th in command:








Money mangers:

weapon dealer:

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