Reavin' Rustlers

Reavin' Rustlers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the Reavin' Rustlers [RR], this posse is for fun. Our posse isn't one which is so competitive it becomes boring but we like to hunt, rob things, clear out gang hideouts and if you annoy us Reavin' Rustlers then one of us may challenge you to a duel or worse - we will execute you publicly.

Joining the posse

On the other hand, we are a welcoming posse who will accept any one to join it no matter what rank you are.


  • Agonul
  • RogoPogo


  • Agonul (Tom)
  • RogoPogo (Ross)
  • Danboyz (Daniel/Dan)
  • Nathantor2000 (Nathan)

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