RedDeadPosse.Com is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Join in with the creator of RedDeadPosse.Com to take control of the wild west!

About the posse

RedDeadPosse.Com is a posse for friends to unite in the wild west. Whether it be getting together to take out all the bandit camps to earn XP, to posse up and take control of the session in classic PVP action, or to take on other posse's in MP Challanges, we strive to create our own setting within the game.

Joining the posse

If you would like to be known as a part of our posse, you Must have a Red Dead Wiki account and not be on the Wall of Shame. RedDeadPosse.Com is looking for respectible players in game, no matter if we are earning XP or running PVP, people who will be there for other posse members.

If you would like to be known as a RedDeadPosse.Com Posse member, please place your name UNDER the other Members in this format * [[user:insert username here|insert username here]] - Console you play on)

If you would like to join me/us in game on the PS3, look for RedDeadPosse, Elminstter (RedDeadPosse Alt) or any other member that is online. Go ahead and add us as friends : )



  • RedDeadPosse - Playstation 3
  • Elminstter - Playstation 3 (Alt of RedDeadPosse)

Other members

External links


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