The Red Dead Army (often abbreviated to RDA) was a Red Dead Redemption posse which was sporadically active on multiplayer mode on PlayStation Network throughout 2011 to 2012 when they disbanded. The group's aim was to fight against posses acting as a police force, posses which acted as a border patrol and posses that tried to dominate free roam sessions.

Timeline of RDA Actions


  • The RDA was formed.
  • The RDA brought a public enemy to justice in Armadillo.
  • The RDA were involved in a huge posse war in El Presidio.
  • The RDA repeatedly targeted a posse in MacFarlane's Ranch until they left the session.
  • The RDA targeted and eliminated a border patrol posse at Butter Bridge.
  • The RDA successfully ambushed a posse's convoy as it passed through Ramita de la Baya.
  • The RDA counter-ambushed a posse in Blackwater.
  • The RDA wiped out a bear hunting posse in Nosalida.


  • The RDA engaged in a war with another posse in El Presidio.
  • The RDA wiped out a military posse in Torquemada.
  • The RDA wiped out a rival posse in MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • The RDA prevented a posse from obtaining the Mauser Pistol at the gang hideout in Twin Rocks.
  • The RDA disbanded.

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