Red Dead Assassins is a Red Dead Redemption posse. Red dead Assassins

About the posse

we are a RPG clan we are allies with the 3rd generation rangers. we do posse wars/clan wars. We take this clan very seriously we do have fun though. 

Joining the posse

"If you are wondering how to join the Red Dead Assassins just message RANGExrassassin or XvalkryieX


we have two leaders RANGExRASSASSIN and XVALKRYIEX 

Other members

  • Wearingtugbaot7
  • A33A33in SORROW
  • halo55113
  • L3HALCOBRA 1215
  • RabelSkater1121
  • Snubmold14
  • WarningSalomn64

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