Leader: xRDAxHeadBlast (In another clan aka red dead assasins)

2nd leader: goldbullet600 (also in red dead assasins)

we are only marshals, are main guns are schofield revolver,winchester repeater and double barreled shotgun. are base is cochinay. you get to pick your own tent (if not already taken) get give a rank e.g pvt,cpl,sgt. you are also given a posishon. message me for clan join

yours sincirely headblast and goldbullet

p.s im only a level 30 right now and gold bullet is only a level 10 becuse he only got game yesterday so while we aren't prestiged you can join at any level but a soon as we reach 50 5th prestige you have to be level 30 to join

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