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The Emblem of The Red Dead Gangstas

Red Dead Gangstas is a Red Dead Redemption posse and Rockstar Social Club Crew.

About the posse

The Posse was formed in October 2014 after the Crew was Formed in early 2014 The Leader of the crew is Ben (BenstaUK, Thearsenal50). The other Members Harry (HBob) and Haitham (haithamazzee) joined later and also formed the Posse with Ben.

The Crew is on Rockstar Social Club, Steam, UPlay and Origin.

The Crew focuses on all Rockstar Games and other Games from EA, Activision and others

The Crew Will be on Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Rogue to top off the amount of games we operate on.

Joining the posse

If You want to join contact Ben For Playstion and PC Or Contact Haitham  for Xbox and PC

You will need to be Loyal and Quite Good at gaming.

When you want to apply send whoever you are contacting a list of your games (This Is Compulsory).


High Ranking and Management: Ben (PSN) Haitham (XBL) Harry (PSN)


  • Ben
  • Haitham

Admins and Moderators

  • Harry
  • (Spaces Available for Loyal members)

External links

Social Club: [1]


The Emblem of The Red Dead Gangstas

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