Red Dead Glitch Fixers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We go around finding bugs in Achivments and problems in the game and try to help people out.

Joining the posse

Any one of reasonable characteristics message "Lt Vic" or join his party.


  • Leader 1 Lt Vic
  • Leader 2 XoSkeleton67


None Yet


None Yet

Glitches Found

  • Buckin' Awesome Achievement Problems,

Some people break the Kentucky Saddler, American standard bred, and the Hungarian Half-Bred. But do not receive this achievement the Kentucky Saddler will be given to you on one of the first missions Wild Horses, Tamed Passions (received from Bonnie) After it runs away from the heard it will sometimes not actually count as breaking it to fix this go to the same area that it is found at near Warthington Ranch, south of McFarlane's Ranch. It can also be caught North-East of Armadillo, near Rattlesnake and break another one you should get the achievement.

  • Thieves Landing Post

Running into the post on the bridge in Thieves Landing on the left rear side will get your horse stuck. To get out get off the horse or jump forward into the water dyeing.

  • The Deadly Assassin Outfit glitch.

Mo von Barr doesn't always appear, Also killing him will make it so you can not get the outfit.

  • Golden Guns Disappear

Once turning into jack if you have used the golden guns code they will disappear, to use them again go to start, weapons, and manually switch to Cattleman revolver and the Repeater Carbine then you will be able to use them again in the LB menu.

  • What about hand grenades? Achievement

It is far better to try to get a dead ringer at Ratherskeller fork then it is at Mc.Farlanes ranch because the horse shoe pits are closer together!

  • Moweing Them Down Achievement

The best way to get this is in El Predisdo on the cannon facing the main road in free roam private server with a freind watching the back door.

  • Quick Save Tip.

Use a horse deed in your back button menu and it will save your game if your realy need to quickly.

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