Bloodstained 2

Red Dead Marines is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Red Dead Marines stand for having fun and hunting down all the modding little noobs in Red Dead Redemption.

We can Get the job done, but we also know how to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Joining the posse

1- You must be ready to be loyal and follow orders.

2- We do not hurt other players unless they hurt us first.... then we kill them.

3- There will be character outfit and mount restrictions until you reach officer rank.

4- if you do not have sufficient weapons or mounts officers will provide for one you.

5- Do not ask for a promotion. You have to be recomended by at least 10-15 members for promotions. 6- play nice, help each other out, limit vulgar language to the situation, and have fun.

7- You must duel a ranking officer of the clan to show your skill and ultimatly determin your place in the Red Dead Marines.

8- To join you must be full time- to half time gammer(either play all day, or in the mornings/evenings) every day.

((((((advisory))))))- We do not like people who mod RDR for there own personal benefit, but we do support those who mod to bring others who would "abuse" their power to justice. If you have modded your Red Dead redemption and need help finding all the nooblets, join up and well put you to work.--- Also---, on another note, we do not support the act of modding, cracking, or hacking. we only wish to give people a chance to turn themselvs in so that we may revert there rank back to its previous state, or put them to work finding and reporting other modders who would be harmfull in there intensions. so if you have modded, just tell us so that our personal tech gurus can revert you back to your normal rank, or find a safe haven to stay.



{x Spartan 051x-Lieutenant/O1}{ Hanky o Panky-Warrant Officer/W1}{yokoh-Private/E1}


  • I AM B34R J3W-General/O10

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