Red Dead Rebellion(Xbox)


Red Dead Rebellion (Xbox360) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Red Dead Rebellion is just an awesome clan that wants to have dont have to change ur name or be a specific character just do what you do..The Rebellion Practically started with our old leader....MaceofFace..because he had enemies that would do nothing but spawn killing on low ranked he decided to start up a clan with only 6 or 7 memebers and named it the Red Dead Rebellion....Rebellion for fighting back against people like that and to help people get rid of spawn killers. After we decided we had enough members we took our first match on a clan named red dead mercanaries and smoked them big then we thought we could go even bigger to start a webstie and earn more members..After we had started the webite it was a lot easier to plan things out like bringing in a spy to help us get some info about what our enemies are doing. Our spy did good and told us there was another clan starting up called the buffalo butchers and so we decided to get ready and take on them. We took them out also...And then after we kept smoking them their allies name the Red Dead Killers decided to come in to our game and try to kill us, but they failed we took them out faster than any of the other clans and made the clan leader cry... After a while they stopped bothering us...even the other clan leader gave us respect for doing an awesome job with the clan and decided not to fight.. so our clan leader left to start a clan on GTA...He left me in charge of the clan even though i had no idea what i was going to do with it, but then i decided to keep the clan going so i recruited some more members. And now we are training for more clan matches and certain game modes like gang shootout...grab the bag and all of those game modes.

Joining the posse

To Join the posse You must Send XxSH00TERx a friend request and tell why you want to join...also you will have a mission to do in order to get into the clan. Im not going to say what it is you will just have to find out by joining the clan...If you are on PS3 you can also join the rebellion you will just be on a different platform then us.


Saint ALcH3MiST
Fatte Rollz247
Nino Brown04


  • XxSH00TERx
  • XxElitexSki11xX


  • Don Rasscalov
  • MaceOfFace
  • Warlord54

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