Red Dead Rulerz: A New Clan...

Red Dead Rulerz are a new clan that go by the name xRDRx. They are up and running with more members rushing in. To this point xRDRx has over 10 members and is expanding.

Current Members:


Can You Join?

The simple answer is, yes! With the appropriate skill and deciation all players are welcome to join. They will be trialled and if good enough, accepted. We don't accept any members who wish to insult others, being racist/feminist or anything of the matter. At the end of the day xRDRx are here to WIN and have FUN!


As you may already know, there are a vast majority of clans in Red Dead Multiplayer. The most popular being, TWO, xRSLx, xRDSx and FTR. As of yet xRDRx do not have any particular rivalry with any of these. However, as the clan rises up maybe a rivalry will burst out!

Special Mention:

Thank you to fare001 for accepting me into his DRS clan before I felt the need to move on. Cheers fare. And a special note to FTR Predator (YOU SUCK!) ;]

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