Rdr sniper


A Red Dead Redemption Posse of Elite Snipers that have the unique ability to take out multiple enemies from great distances with ease. We participate in all gangmatches and bagmatches but strictly Hardcore Free Roam only. We are not an "easy-to-get-into" clan. I only recruit skill and talent. If you think you have what it takes, don't hesitate to message me - WST_SNiPeR OR Red_Dead_West.

Joining the posse

* Must own a Bluetooth Headset (communication is key).

* Must have a suitable connection (PSN only).

* Must always work as a team (as long as this is possible).

* Rolling Block Required.

* Red Dead Redemption single player characters recommended. (Abigail Marston, Bonnie MacFarlane, Jack Marston, John Marston, Leigh Johnson, Luisa Fortuna, Nigel West Dickens, Seth Briars, Drew MacFarlane, Eli, Javier Escuella, Jonah, Landon Ricketts, Nastas, Abraham Reyes, Agustin Allende, Bill Williamson, Dutch van der Linde, Edgar Ross, Harold MacDougal, Irish, Uncle or Vincente de Santa)

* (All characters above belong to DLC's, if you do not own the DLC's few other characters will suffice)

* Once you have decided to join message WST_SNiPeR or Red_Dead_West with your age, rank, and a description of yourself. If you are considered to be an eligible member, I will then ask you to demonstrate your skill, in private freeroam 1v1 Vs (Rolling Block only)



  • Leader: WST_SNiPeR
  • Leader: Red_Dead_West

Other members

Sniper Elites are kept unknown until acceptance and graduation to a Sniper Elite, only the Sniper Elites are given this information.

-- WST_SNiPeR -- -- Red_Dead_West--

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