The Red Dead Revolutionaires, known also as the Undead Revolutionaries, are an online clan on the Xbox 360 by crazydadoffour and UNDEAD DUMPER 1. The clan was originally a small group, made up of a few friends the two had met on the Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Games. They played very little during 2011, but by 2012 the group, who had now added on DMDgunsup762, Maj Pancakes, and garciaorovalley. Together, now with five people, the group plays many games over the Red Dead Multiplayer Games. The most common game the Revolutionaries play is Undead Overrun, the second being Gang Shootouts. They can also be found sometimes in the free roam areas. The group claim they own Cochinay Mountain, "And if anyone wants to battle, come on up here." The group is at a small four months break, focusing on earning the achievements that can be found throughout the Red Dead Redemption Single Player Campaign. By February, the group will be back up in the online status. They often play online by themselves, shooting it up in Free For All or just riding into the sunset while playing Free Roam. Everyone in the group is willing to recruit, although only one person in the group was official recruited. DMDgunsup762, the only person recruited into the small clan, joined by completing the initiation. The original was to take on Fort Mercer using only throwing knives without dying. In late November, 2011, the initiation changed, then becoming a rifle expierence. The person who wished to be recruited into the infamous group had to land a one shot, one kill headshot with a cattleman revolver from twenty meters away. The group can be found, after February, likely defending Cochinay Mountain, or completing the Gaptooth Breach Hideout online. Another common place they can be found is the cannon defended fortress in Nuevo Paraiso, the fortress by the name of El Presidio. Mentioned before, DMDgunsup762, had been found near MacFarlane's Ranch, by the farmhouse. The original creators of the group, UNDEAD DUMPER 1 and crazydadoffour, had been shooting up the ranch while wanted. When a police officer almost killed crazydadoffour, DMDgunsup762 swooped in and shot the officer, keeping crazydadoffour's bounty higher than four thousand. While that is a low bounty, it ended soon after when crazydadoffour fell out of the farm, now at six thousand. DMDgunsup762 was initiated, and made it into the group in the same day, Since then, the group has been occupied with fighting other online players throughout the world of Red Dead. They always accept new players wishing to join the group, that is if they complete the initiation. Message crazydadoffour for the complete rule list for the group's initiation. 

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