Red Dead Vagabonds(XBL and PS3) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

I was clan leader for the lawmen for almost 2 years, but departed recently. My plans for the Red Dead Vagabonds is to make a highly competive clan, but also a clan and forum where people freely come together and converse about anything. We are fairly new, but we bought our own domain name. We still need to expand and need more members. This page was made on July 24, 2011. It is a clan thats still up and running. Follow the link to the forum and register.

Joining the posse

Anyone interesting in joining the Red Dead vagabonds?

Go to to our forum website and register there.

Website: Red Dead Vagabonds



  • PS3 leader: Chriz aka Dodiat/PSN: Dodiat
  • PS3 Co-leader: Billy the Kid aka Jack/PSN: Forsyth01
  • XBOX leader: Madison aka EDSLocklear/Gamertag: EDSLocklear
  • Site supervisor: Cat aka Pyroarcher/Gamertag: Thepyroarcher or PSN: Pyroarcher

Other members

External links

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