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Red Dead War is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We dont like noobs so you have to be lvl 15 or higher our hideout is Cochinay

I will show you some glitches: walk on thin air out of map climb MT Everest

I can be only found in horse races,rarely hardcore free roam, normal free roam, undead overrun and Blackwater land grab.

Joining the posse

There will be a test to show how good you are and how wise you are. There are 3 test you can choose:

Test 1: complete Twin Rocks your self and stay wanted and alive for 2 mins. Test 2: Get overrun with bears and you have to kill all bears on foot standing still and stay outside of tanners reach and kill all animals you see. Test 3: I will get wanted and 1 team mate and you have to defend me until all law officers are gone.

Legend team

Pepoie121 pig josh8547 Russain war4946 Gringo3883


  • Main leader Novastart
  • Secondary leader Hippies67

New Members

  • Member 1 Plasma6734
  • Member 2 Caplay

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