Red Ribbon Army is a posse in Red Dead Redemption.

About Us

I am the Führer (leader) of the Red Ribbon Army. We started out on SOCOM 3 and still going strong. Right now, we're on Red Dead Redemption. In the RRA you have a chance to advance through the ranks. Dedication, determination, and loyalty has been our saying since day one.

All members must use an American Army character.


1: No cheating/glitching, and or exploiting at anytime.

2: No team killing

3: Respect, this means other clan mates, allies, and the chain of command.

4: When in battle, keep mic chatter to a minimum.

5: No leaving in the middle of a battle unless you're granted leave by a commanding officer. However, lagging out is beyond your control, if that happens make an effort to log back on.

Chain of Command

In the Red Ribbon Army to move up in rank and have certain privileges one must be a decent, dedicated and loyal clan member you don't have to live on PS3 just get on at least 3 to 4 times a week. Never leaving the clan, because once you leave you're out for good. Respecting the chain of command, this means no disrespecting superiors. The ranks and what you need to do will be discussed. You can obtain a rank with exception if a superior sees fit and (or) if the Führer okay's the promotion.

This is a totalitarian/authoritarian posse, the Führer holds the highest authority over everything including all branches within the RRA. The Deputy Führer is simply the second in command and acting supreme commander of everything including all branches within the RRA in the Führer's absence. In both the Führer and Deputy Führer's absence, the commander of the RRSS assumes the role of acting Führer of everything and all branches within the RRA and may appoint an acting second in command.




Junior Corporal



Staff Sergeant

Sergeant 1st Class

Sergeant Major

Senior Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Senior Colonel

Major General

Lieutenant General


Field Marshal

Deputy Führer



Itchy__Tasty [Führer]

The_General666 [Deputy Führer]

Senior Officers

Barstyle [Field Marshal]

Hambone307 [Senior Colonel]

Junior Officers

XxFitzy321xX [Captain]

Playadagod [1st Lieutenant]


Border Patrol [RRBP] The Border Patrol's sole purpose is to keep the border between the USA and Mexico safe from Mexican gang and army activity.

Current commander: XxFitzy321xX

Red Ribbon Security Squadron [RRSS] The sole purpose of the RRSS is the protection of the Führer, Deputy Führer, and chiefs of staff within the RRA.

Current commander: Hambone307

Bases and Areas of Operation

Fort Mercer

Eagle's Nest



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