Republic of KAG is a Red Dead Redemption posse on the Xbox 360.

About the posse

The Republic of KAG is a private and exclusive posse created by and for the regulars on the Fallout board on IGN. The members hail from all parts of the world (sort of), which causes some problems with regards to time zones. We're all a bunch of casual gamers, and spend most of our time in free roam, shooting eachother in the face.

Joining the posse

You probably wont ever be a member of our posse, and here's why:

  • All members are regulars on the Fallout board on IGN. It takes time to be a regular.
  • People would have to actually like you for you to join. We aren't elitists, but if you're being an ass, or we can't take you seriously because of other problems, you're not in. Ever.
  • We really don't need any more members.



Other members

  • YanxFan
  • Radgeta
  • TehJanitor920
  • IIx ZoSo xII
  • ABKBalla
  • H377Spawn

On Trial

  • PvtHugoStiglitz

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