The Original Riders (from left to right) JohnnieBravo,DR.FISHMONK3Y,SomaliJoeBlack,Molo Cow

Riders of Moland is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Riders

Riders of moland, the ancient group of warriors formed hundreds of years ago to protect the molish people, however not many people see they usually kill any threat in sight, not many people are able to defeat them, they are rumoured to be unkillable....there warcry, however is quite strange, some people find it humourous it resembles a ducks quack of course in molish this means, HELP! This Posse is extremly dangerous and should be dealt with caution no one has ever been able to defeat these legendary riders you have been warned! The Riders are rumoured to be recruiting those worthy enough to be a Rider of Moland. The warriors are notouriously good at gang shootouts.


Many years ago the molish people came over to the Americas and began to inhabit a small country called Mexico, there the molish people found themselves under constant raids from the locals this lead to war in which over 120,000 molish died eventually the best warriors in all of moland were banded together, with the task of killing the locals leader, they were rumoured to have been sucessful, and for a while the locals left them... but soon the locals began to attack in greater numbers, the 4 riders were overwhemled, and the molish people were slaughtered and drove out of Mexico,. A huge fort now under the name of El Presidio was rumoured to be last stand of the Riders of Moland, the flag of moland still remains to pay tribute to these 4 brave warriors, some say they still roam the Americas plotting their revenge upon the Mexican people.

Joining the Riders

Pay tribute to your fallen molish bretherin! And find the fabled riders.


Molo Cow,JohnnieBravo,SomaliJoeBlack,DR.FISHMONK3Y.


Molo Cow

Xbox 360

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