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RidgedRuffles is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Started by Ozone2014 and Jcjohnson5489. Recruiting people by playing with them over and over again. Only 2 girls can and will be allowed in the Posse. Those spots are already filled. We offer peace and are always recruiting, but if you fuck with us, you will get spawn killed like there's no tomorrow. We know just about every glitch discovered and have done them all. Stagecoach boat, Escalera, Blackwater buildings, Chuparosa, Bearclaw camp, Outside of map, Under map, Stagecoach into any building, Superman, Invisibility, Marston home, Martson Silo. You name it, we've done it.

Joining the posse

Play with us and make sure your ruffles got hella ridges otherwise get out. Do not kill us. We can be your best friends, but kill us and you'll wish you never even pressed LT so you can casual aim like a bitch.


  • Jcjohnson5489
  • Ozone2014

Other members

  • PostWarRangerX
  • terreson
  • EasyBreezy1988 (Girl)
  • MO MO AND Aang
  • LiquidStar
  • Mikafor
  • Dmkinnon85
  • feeame14
  • mr k00laid man
  • ChuMpY x
  • ii ForMatii07Vz
  • Murphlawlz
  • Plastic Bling


  • "Your ruffles aint got no ridges"
  • "you aint go no yogurt"
  • "you got facebook, myspace, skype? wanna see my but?"
  • "Im 450 pounds or pure muscle"

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