Rio Caravan Company (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

The Company

The Rio Caravan Company will do whatever it takes to deliver our supplies. We are based on the Rio Grande in southern California. The head of the New Austin Branch is Nokazoa. The average price is $300 to cover time and effort. We are afraid that it isn't up for debate. If you wish to start a contract with us contact your nearest branch office. Also if you wish to work for us you must also contact your nearest branch office. We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey H. Davis

The Posse

We are a group in Red Dead Redemption. We roleplay and do such activities. We are currently looking for members who meet the requirements and follow the rules given(listed under Joining)



To join you must pass and uphold certain Rules and Requirements. Contact Nokazoa on XBL


  • Be good with your horse.
  • Be a good shot.
  • Be able to take an order.
  • Voice must have develop or be low enough to not be as annoying.


  • Can be anyone you want except a zombie.(If alone or off duty it doesnt matter)
  • Don't insult other members.
  • Always have a horse as your mount. No bulls, buffalo, or zebra donkeys.
  • Use the correct guns.
  • Follow ALL orders unless it involves betrayal of another member.


1. Expendable

2. Loader

3. Caravan Greenhorn

4. Caravanner

5. Caravan Guard

6. Caravan Guard Captain

7. Caravan Overseer

8. Supply Overseer

9. District Overseer

10. Branch Leader

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