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Arc trooper

Rising sun death is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

everyone will know our names. We will strike fear in the hearts of the innocent. If we see people riding on horse's or in a town they must die. nobody survives when were around. we mostly play free roam and it doesn't really matter what you are were evil and we will not do good things period. If you don't like this then don't join. send yabo2510 a message or xXAtomicmanXx.

Joining the posse

wanting people



  • general - yabo2510
  • major-xXAtomicmanXx


  • captain-queifon, beasttacos
  • first lieutenant-2 spots( no one yet, no one yet )
  • chief warrant - 3 spots( none yet, no one yet, no one yet )
  • warrant officer-2 spots( no one yet, no one yet )
  • sergant major-2 spots( no one yet, no one yet )
  • sergant-2 spots( no one yet, no one yet )
  • corporal-no one yet
  • private-no one yet

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