Rockstar's Elite is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Rockstar's Elite Posse is a clan of Lawmen and Federals Characters who fight people who Mod and Cheat, to stop people from hacking and abusing Rockstar's RDR. Rockstar's Elite Posse will also help you to gain XP fast with fun games together with your fellow clan mates. We are a posse who will only counter. Attack us first, we will attack back.

Joining the posse

Requirements to join the Posse involve: levels 15+, Age 14+, Mount - Cleverland Bay, Characters - Minimum 2 Lawmen or Federals, Characters Outlaws To The End COOP mission pack.

No specific Titles or Weapons required Only avalable on XBOX Live To Join Posse, Please send Friends request to 'RobstarElite100' or send an Email To ''



  • RobstarElite100

Other members


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