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Romantic Riot is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


Blood. Sweat. Stars. is are Creative Aggression. we Gather an Steal under the Banks of Hell, an are accepted in the highest riches of Heaven. No man nor Beast will unfold are perfect Aces. are bullets dine for Flesh, smile for blood, an scream for souls. Romantic Riot is somthing of Legend an are names are the Letters of Progression. 15eef12


Please contact Romantic Riot on XBOXLIVE, he will give you a Task to complete.


Butcher Outlaw LawMan Hunter MORE CS


  • Romantic Riot Aka Oliver
  • JpocalypsE
  • Paradise
  • Undead King

Other members

  • Recruit (Outlaw)
  • Recruit (Lawman)
  • Recruit (Hunter)
  • Recruit (Sniper)
  • Recruit (Poker Star)
  • Recruit (NEW CLASS SOON)

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