Romulus and Remus

Our Den Mother

Romulus' Legion is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are The Fathers of Rome incarnate. We will do to the West just had we done to Europe. Take it...

Joining the posse

You must be reborn and prove a test of true skill. Kill a bear with a blade and suffer rebirth ten times. (Being killed by the Legate and Emperor ten times.)If you prove to be strong, You will be Centurion. If you prove to be cunning, you will become Frumentarii. Ever question our orders, you will be lashed to a cross and crucified, stripped of your titles, and be shunned out of our society. If you wish to join again. You must be babtized in fire. We don't attack without reason, if you attack us out of pleasure. We will force you out of the battlefield. We won't stop hunting you until you beg for mercy. And sometimes...mercy isn't enough...


Prime Frumentarii-GHILLIExChase22

Prime Centurion- GHILLIExWilly2


  • Legate Romulus- SITHMASTUR1026
  • Emperor Remus-xRABIDxHERIMITx

Other members

  • none yet...

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