SUM Posse

S.U.M Posse: Some members listed

S.U.M Posse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Started by Messinger1911/Messingerfamily, Undertaker2014, and Shippudengirl. [Story In-Progress]

Joining the posse


-Completed Campaign

-No Glitchers/Hackers

-No Casual Aimers

-Mic not required but preferred

-Prestiged at least once; exceptions are made

IMPORTANT: If you wish to join, message Shippudengirl. Also, exclusively a PSN posse.


[Not Listed Yet]


  • Undertaker2014 [5th Prestige]
  • Messingerfamily / Messinger1911 [5th Prestige / Lvl 38]
  • Shippudengirl [5th Prestige]

Other members

[Not Listed Yet]

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