SSBB: Shitty Shitty Bang Bang Squad is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are not a competitive posse, we are a posse that plays for fun, only join us if you are willing to fight crazy odds in the name of the SSBB, X-BOX LIVE posse members only, no PS3. Our founding members are welsh and english people who love Red Dead but dont like Red Dead bums, so if you are legendary level 2 or over you WONT be admitted.

  • Note, you MUST use a U.S Army skin for Uniform value

Joining the posse

Add any member as a friend and ask them to submit a request to the main leaders PrivateRyanUrch or Spongyboy11 Must Be:

  • Under Level 2 Legendary
  • Over level 5
  • A person who plays for fun
  • Homosexual (Just Kidding)



Leader 1: PrivateRyanUrch Leader 2: Spongyboy11 Leader 3: WIZK1D13 Leader 4: xxCurt15xx1

Other members

Note: We only have a few members due to our "Non Competitive" Nature and newly formed posse

External links

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