SSclan is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

WE ARE NOT NAZIS. SS stands for secret service we help clans and players alike. We also play other games like halo and cod.


  • Leader CYBERSARGE1
  • overseer SS HawkEyE

Other members

  • normal core overseer SS TrickShot
  • hard core overseer SS Silencer
  • 3rd company 1st Cavalry Division CO. SS NitroKiller
  • 3rd company 1st riflemen CO. UNdeafted
  • 3rd company 2nd riflemen CO. Purplezomie
  • 3rd company 3rd riflemen CO. gunnarcy
  • 3rd company 1st Marksman CO. xXGunny1000Xx

External links

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