Tuco Sombrero

Sanchez is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We only use shotguns holmes. Mexican skins only, essay. Fake gringos mess with us, we will cut you up like an artichoke. And remember, don't aim, just point and shoot amigo!

The things you will see before you die: Muerte bitches!

"There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window."

-Tuco ; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By the way, we use PSN, viva la rasa!

Joining the posse

You will have to pass our patentado PAS test to qualify for Sanchez.

- PAS 3 Tequila bottles

- PAS 2 Gringos in 1 PAS shot

- PAS a Cougar with one shot

- 180 PAS a Grizzly bear

If you can point and shoot, contact OniTYME, he has HUGE cojones! Oh , and Narancas.


OniTYME, Prenihility


  • Leader 1 OniTYME
  • Leader 2 Prenihility

Other members

  • Member 1 Narancas
  • Member 2 WolfNinja--
  • Member 3

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