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Satans Messengers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

In ancient scriptures a story is told about four men who roam the barren lands seeking to pay their dues to the devil in exchange for their souls, nothing to lose everything to gain these men arent spoken of among the elders and many have tried to bring them down and all have failed, until their job is complete nobody is safe for who/whatever stands in their way will most certainly be lying in a shallow grave

Joining the posse

Devils pact:Cold blooded,heartless,retaliating,merciless,forgotten and lost in a vengeful rage these are the traits one must have to become a Messenger, of course a piece of writing concludes that in order for one to join he/she must sacrifice two things..1: the feeling of love and 2: their most cherished asset (which can sometimes be a loved one..rare cases i hope)



  • Leader 1 Pred X Loughy95

Other members

  • Member 1 WyNnEr313
  • Member 2 TR1MBL3x191
  • Member 3 IH123

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