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Second Chance Riders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Forgiven Saints of Red Dead is a Red Dead Redemption posse. We are a group of friends who like to hangout and have fun. Often times we find our selves involved with battles with random posses. However it is not our goal to have wars and fight others. If someone is in need of help we will attempt to see if we can help them out. We also are careful with who we let into the group because we need to know you're being honest with us. We do give second chances to those who deserve them. We do not associate with hackers and posses and players who glitch.



  • Andog33
  • Tizi808

Other members

  • bretsky1
  • radeator
  • hunter112233
  • kitt1234
  • Monkey_Money
  • FFmAmAn88
  • lycan7777777
  • Jordymarks
  • count_sackula2k
  • Windy47

Rival Gangs

  • AdogX
  • Ghost_Rider_T2k (Randy Orton) followed by 7 other accounts
  • THM (Trigger Happy Mob
  • Loco_Killer_365
  • The Most Hated
  • The Most_Hated_Sith followed by 1 other known account
  • Egurel followed by 2 other known accounts
  • Irish sniper_21
  • Tiny_Michael
  • Rootless-Boy


  • dustyperkins
  • howardk1
  • kainlegendary
  • Bulldog424

Posses on good terms with


JohnMclousky etc.

External links

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