Shits and Giggles is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a Red Dead Redemption multiplayer posse on the PSN. We enjoy gang hideouts, and other multiplayer game modes. It is advised that you have the Undead Nightmare and Liars and Cheats DLC's, so we can can all enjoy the game modes added through those DLC's. The leaders are zappedpanda and TheFrog37

About the leaders


Favorite Weapon(s):

Favorite Game Mode(s):

Favorite Mount(s):

Favorite Gang Hideout(s):

Favorite Character(s):



Favorite Weapon(s): Mauser Pistol, Pump Action Shotgun, Rolling Block Rifle, Buffalo Rifle, Henry Repeater

Favorite Game Mode(s): Undead Overrun, Free Roam

Favorite Mount(s): Buffalo

Favorite Gang Hideout(s): Pike's Basin, Tesoro Azul

Favorite Character(s): Bill Williamson, Viper Craven

DLC's: Undead Nightmare, Liars and Cheats, Outlaws to the End

Joining the posse

We are currently taking in applications to join our posse. The only requirements really are that you're active, you're somewhat good at the game, and that you're not annoying. You should also have a mic/headset. To join, just send one of the leaders (zappedpanda or TheFrog37) a message on the PS3 telling us that you'd like to join our posse, and when we can meet you in the game.



  • Leader 1: TheFrog37
  • Leader 2: zappedpanda

Other members

  • Member 1: spamsun
  • Member 2:
  • Member 3:

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