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The Gang Leaders

Shiyani's Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Shiyani's Gang

Shiyani's Gang is the most notourious & most vicious gang in the west, rivaling any other gang., even williamsons. The leader is known for leading attacks on settlements & towns.

Main hideouts:

Ft Mercer - Base

Ridgewood Farm

Coot's Chapel

Other Hideouts:

Lake Don Julio

The Old Bachus Place - Shiyani's personal house


Hassun, a member of our awesome gang

Kintan Tageyutsi

Dakota, a gang member

Red dead nastas

Nastas, a member of our gang

Rdr chogan00

Chogan, a former member & a traitor, anyone who hunts him down and kills him will be rewarded!



  • Leader 1 FungalWriter468 (Hank Shiyani)
  • Leader 2 Krimson73 -Jeevan Guni

Other members

  • Member 1 Kintan Tageyutsi - GhostWolf279
  • Member 2 Jay Sheeyah - DBsPownage
  • Member 3 Sanisuni Wagi - PJLilly
 Member 4 Deathrex Fanta - Shadow Wolf
 Member 5 RobotSlayer0329 - Nastas
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Our leader

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Wabooz, a former member & a traitor, went to join Reyes' Rebeldes, anyone who kills him is rewarded!

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Kosumi, a member of the gang, lives at Nekoti Rock

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Al Wolfscreed, the gang lieutenant

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