Sick Shooters Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

There's demons in them woods...


Change is only good when it makes things better, Mr. President.


Let me tell you a story, friend. There were these two boys, see? Two America lovin, law enforcin, animal huntin, flower picking boys. Whenever they saw injustices, they went and did their best to to quell it; helping the underprivelaged and greenhorned citizens take root in this glorious state of New Austin.

But the West... The West ain't for the weak, son. That harsh, unforgiving sun treated vermin and veteran all the same. Good men would dry up and die, rotting next to the criminals they'd vowed to bring to justice. This was what happened to one of the boys, see? His pappy... His pappy rode out with the Marshalls in a posse to bring the Tudisco Kid to justice. His pappy never came home. And the Tudisco Kid came to his family's ranch, killed all the livestock, burned all the ranch hands alive, and raped his mother.

The boy learned a valuable lesson that day. Respect, TRUE respect, can only be taken by force. Society looks up to its strongest members, so what can be said if these so called "strong" members of society can be taken down with ease?

The boys have gone rogue. They've stopped defending the weak. They only kill criminals to prove that they are the baddest of the bunch. They have actively hunted down law enforcement posses and DESTROYED them for sport. And they've got friends. Friends who are just as cutthroat as they are. They don't care if you just arrived or have lived here all your life. They will kill you.

See, the thing about the Sick Shooters Gang is they love killing. And they love firing that first shot. If you see this gang, pray to whatever savage god you belive in to guide them away. Because see, the Marshalls? They got this to say about them:

WANTED: The Sick Shooters Gang. Dead or dead. Reward: Name your price.


Our gang IS openly recruiting. Try out parameters are as follows: Don't suck. Don't have an annoying voice. Simply message the leader (XBL GT: CHlCAG0 TED) for information regarding a try-out session. Please MESSAGE him before friend requesting him, as he ignores ALL friend requests. Also, if you attacked us and are getting royally owned, and THEN try to join, we'll not only run you out of that Free Roam, we'll follow you to your next one and run you out of there too. If you don't suck, are kinda sexy, and you're kinda funny, you're more golden than our personal Sack Toucher.


The Boys

  • Jaeger aka CHlCAG0 TED
  • Cody aka Aelok

The Crew

  • Chris aka NormalSim2
  • Monica aka Ms MonMiles
  • Liz aka zileega
  • (Still rounding up members)

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