Siq Slamz is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Joining the posse

You can only join if you are able to successfully name 10 Technical Death Metal Bands, or Alternately, If you are able to name 10 sick drummers, that We deem acceptable by standards of blasting, and progressive shit. Oh, please speak English and only join if age 17 or over. 15 and 16 if your voice isn't squeaky. And we're looking for 3 more members, and possibly some alts.



  • General of The Armies of Death Metal- Yeahbroseph22 (XBL)
  • Colonel of The Armies of TEH DEATH METALZZZ- Trumpster12 (XBL)


  • Major Gonorrhea- Is P0tSh0T
  • Captain De Santa- decimateXweak
  • 1st Lieutenant -Bear3712
  • Looking For Mo' Members!

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