Skinwalkers is a posse in Red Dead Redemption.


Half-hunter, half-warrior, half-manimals.

These guys are just crazy. They just do everything... embody animals, the human bear trap, the yank-and-shank, the Raptor in wating, the Deathday Cake.

What's the Deathday Cake? It's that thing of when, like, a man being stalked hides inside of a deer or horse carcass, and when Liam Neeson walks up to inspect the over-the-top mess, Peirce Brosnan lunges out with a knife and turn the tables.

We do a version of that.

Sometimes we embody little kittens sitting on dinner tables. Go ahead and let your gaurd down.

If you regard us on the frontier you'll have to do it non-verbally, because we will be on private chat.

If you regard us with bullets out on the frontier, be prepared to experience it coming back your way seven fold. We are the portals of balance for the universe. Intstant, appropriate feedback of your actions is what you'll get... unless we don't care. In which case you can just ride away and do something else.

We are the instruments of healing. Healing through humiliation.

We are the vessels roving across this plane.

We are... Skinwalkers.


We'll lay you out in the sun.


What is manateeboy's battle song?

"Voodoo" by Sublime

What is featherdsnake's battle song?

"Trekka" by Puscifer

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