Smooth criminals FERDIG

Smooth Criminals is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a kick-ass posse who play on ps3! our hideout is Torquemada, and one of our main goals is to get golden guns, cuz thats smooth!

Joining the posse

just send a request to one of us, and we will decide

Rules of the posse

your player-character can not be a lawman, federales, american army, or mexican army(juan vargas and jose rodriguez).

racism is not tolerated.

you must be at least thirteen years old. (some ecxeptions made)

you can't be an asshole to other posse members.

you must know how to KICK ASS!!!



  • VegardWD96
  • whiteblade13

Other members

We need moar members plz :(


The Super Donkey Death Race, link here:

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